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Tips and FAQs

TIP #1 - For a quality image on your apparel, send as high a resolution (dpi) image as possible.  The better the picture, the better the outcome.

TIP #2 - Don't use closeups or "cropped" images.  If you send a high resolution picture that has some room around your vehicle, we can crop it to the "proper" size to make it fit your selected design without losing any sharpness.  See examples below:

Great Picture

Poor Picture

B&B Closeup.JPG

This picture is cropped too close.  Not enough background is available for your picture to fit the oval of your design.


Good Picture

Sunset Stude.JPG

This picture has PLENTY of room to adjust the picture to obtain the best fit possible for the design.  More room is better!

Poor Picture

Sunset Stude Closeup.JPG

TIP #3 - Think about your colors when ordering your shirt and selecting your designs.  Some vehicles look GREAT with certain designs and colors, and not so great with others.  The same applies to the designs as well.  Some look better with certain colored shirts, some don't.

TIP #4 - Double-Check your description (if you requested a customized shirt).  We will try to catch spelling errors before sending your proof, but unfortunately, we might not always catch them. PLUS, don't forget that you'll have another chance to check your wording/spelling when we send you the proof.

TIP #5- If you want a LARGE image of your car/truck/bus/motorcycle/ or whatever you are highlighting, you might want to choose designs from one of our 3 Oval Designs.  They provide significantly larger images of your vehicle as compared to the other designs we offer.  If you want some really awesome designs to surround your image with, then, of course, we have those available also.  To make a comparison, look at the two examples below featuring the same image on two different designs.  Both of the designs shown below have the same width, yet the design on the right has a much larger image of the car.  


Question: How durable are DTG printed garments?

Answer:  Our printer, the Epson F2100 is known for having the highest rating in garment decorating washability.  The UltraChrome ink that we use, in conjunction with proper pretreating yields as good or better durability than properly cured screen printing.

​Question: The proof I received has a watermark on it.  Why?

Answer:  All of our images are watermarked to protect our images from being copied illegally.  All images on our site are copyrighted.

Question: I don't see my size listed.  Is it possible to get sizes that are not listed as available for sale?

Answer:  Yes, possibly.  Please contact us (see Calendar/Contact Us button below) and we will try to accomodate your request.  Please be advised that extra time might be needed to stock the item you are requesting.

Question: I have a photo that I paid to have made by a photo studio.  Why can't I use it on my shirt?

Answer:  This is due to copyright laws.  Unfortunately, even though you paid for the image from the photo studio, we CAN NOT reproduce it without the expressed WRITTEN permission from the photographer.

Question: I don't want my design as large as the one shown on your website.  Can I request to have it made smaller?

Answer:  Yes, just specify how wide you want the design to be from end to end (in the remarks/Special Instructions section on the photo upload page) and we will try to accommodate your request if possible.  We print the design for each shirt as large as possible (approximately 2 to 3 inches from the edges of the sleeve seams on images printed on the back of the shirt).  Images on the front of a shirt will be smaller than those printed on the back; they just look better.  Of course, the image size we print on a medium shirt will be a different size than the one we print on a 2XL shirt. 

Tribal Flame Light Blue 2.png
Oval 2 Blue 2 Cooper.jpg
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