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Unfortunately, the Studebaker is not going to be an easy fix.  The head is cracked and will need to be replaced.  Luckily, replacement parts are not impossible to find!

This is what Lori's Camaro looked like when we brought it home.  The initial plan was a simple build and repaint...or so we thought...


A simple build became a little more than simple...

What it has become is a full frame off/rotisserie build that will feature a complete custom makeover of the interior of the car, while leaving the exterior of the car stock.  Sorry, no shaved door handles or body modifications to this one.  We think that they were beautiful just the way they came from the factory!

We also decided to do a total rebuild of the engine as well.  The only part that is left from the car we bought is the 400 small block.  It is bored .030 over, with 11 to 1 Keith Black pistons, forged (internally balanced) steel crankshaft, scat rods, Brodix heads, Sniper EFI and so much more...


Getting close to being finished, can't wait to fire it up.

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